James has been practising law since 2007 when he was admitted to both the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia. He has practised predominantly criminal and quasi-criminal law matters in that time and has a vast amount of experience and knowledge to help protect the rights of his clients.

James completed a clerkship at Purcell Taylor Lawyers in Townsville where he gained experience in a variety of areas including commercial, administration, family, and criminal law. He then commenced work at Bell Miller Solicitors (now Lawler Magill) in 2008 where his work consisted predominantly of criminal law matters. He was promoted to Associate in 2012 before moving to Russo Lawyers as Senior Associate in 2013. In 2015 he became a founding partner at Wallace O’Hagan Lawyers and is more dedicated than ever to servicing the needs and protecting the rights of his clients.

James believes in becoming involved in a matter early for his clients in order to ensure that their rights are fully protected. This has often involved early discussions and negotiations with police, attendance at police stations with clients for interviews, and the successful resolution of matters without charge.

There has been media recognition of James’ experience in the area of criminal law, and he has regularly appeared on 4BC radio station and has provided comment and analysis to media with respect of cases currently before the Courts.

James has handled a wide variety of matters, from speeding offences to murders, and everything in between. He has experience representing client in relation to offences of robbery, fraud, murder, attempted murder, terrorist offences, white collar crime, stealing, drug trafficking and possession, and property offences, along with other matters.

He engages in a substantial amount of advocacy work himself. He also engages the best and most experienced Counsel to brief where necessary. He has also been involved in several successful appeals to the District Court and the Court of Appeal.

Outside of crime, James has successfully represented clients accused of sexual harassment in a workplace through the Australian Human Rights Commission, as well as multiple people who have faced internal disciplinary proceedings through Queensland Health, the Queensland Police Service, and large private companies as well. He has also represented students accused of academic misconduct and has an enviable track record of getting suspensions or expulsions reduced so that a student can resume and complete their studies.

James has a passion for representing a client’s best interests and protecting their rights at all levels of the criminal justice system. He is well versed at dealing with people who have never faced the trauma of being accused of an offence and offers 24/7 contact to assist clients, and their families, with the advice that they need. He tirelessly fights for their rights in a Courtroom setting and is constantly praised for his advocacy skills by clients, prosecutors, and members of the Judiciary.

James can be contacted today for advice to help you get back to living your life.



Emily graduated with Honours in a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Psychology, from Griffith University, completing elective study in Criminal Law and Forensic Mental Health at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.  She undertook a clerkship with Hopgood Ganim Lawyers in Litigation and Family Law and was admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia in 2010.

Following her admission Emily commenced working at Russo Lawyers and specialised in the practice of criminal defence.  Emily was recognised as a Senior Associate at Russo Lawyers in 2014 and became a founding partner of Wallace O’Hagan Lawyers in 2015.

Emily appears in all criminal law jurisdictions.  She has represented clients at every level of the criminal justice system, from pleas of guilty before the Magistrates Court to Supreme Court Appeals. Emily has extensive trial experience in the full range of traffic and criminal offences, including careless/dangerous driving, burglary, rape, complex fraud and attempted murder.  She has been involved in some of Queensland’s most high profile criminal law proceedings, including people smuggling matters and proceedings involving the vicious lawless association legislation.

Emily is passionate about protecting the rights of her clients.  She works tirelessly to safeguard her client’s interests, whether it’s their license, their job, their reputation, or their liberty.  Emily has represented medical professionals and employees of the Queensland Police Service in internal disciplinary proceedings.  She has successfully defended clients against job suspension and loss of remuneration.

Emily understands the devastating impact that legal proceedings can have on individuals and their families.  She is committed to ensuring that her clients achieve a fair and expeditious outcome.

Emily is contactable 24/7 to offer emergency assistance and advice.  She is a skilled advocate, appearing in countless successful Magistrates Court and Supreme Court bail applications.  Her early involvement often achieves a resolution without charges being laid.  Don’t walk into court or a police interview alone.

Contact Emily today and get back to living your life.


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